The safe storage of food at home should be as per the guidelines set by FSSAI ( Food Safety Standard Authority of India). These guidelines have been thoroughly researched by scientists to determine the best methods for reducing the threat of food poisoning from unsafe food storage practices utilized in home kitchens. It is important to maintain proper kitchen hygiene, to reduce risks of bacteria or virus growth.

We also provide safety guidelines for the correct method of home food-canning. For example, there are specific boiling times that apply depending upon whether pressure canning or waterbath canning is being used in the process. These safety guidelines are intended to reduce the growth of mold and bacteria and the threat of potentially-fatal food poisoning.

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  All the food storage holders must have FSSAI License to ensure safe storage practices and certification.   You need to follow all the safety guidelines for food manufacturing license. It helps to comply with all the rules and regulations given by FSSAI. Food Storage License will help develop good hygiene practices in manufacturing premises.

Why does Food storage require FSSAI LICENSE?

  Food storage business owners must obtain an FSSAI License for their food storage to create awareness among the consumers that their storage is suitable for human consumption. Mandatory documentation is required for storage owners to continue the business activity. A standardized level of storage is followed after GAP audit is conducted.

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FSSAI product storage approval is the process by which storage gets approved by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. FSSAI storage approval is required for products which contain ingredients and/or additives  as per the prescribed standards in the Food Safety and Standards Act and Regulations. FSSAI storage approval is granted at the Central Government level and in this article we look at the procedure for obtaining FSSAI product approval.


Is it Applicable to only to Manufacturers of food?

 No, it is applicable, but not limited, to all the people, who manufacture store, process, label and distribute food. It is also applicable to restaurants and street food vendors. It is applicable to all small, medium and large operators.

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