Food distribution, a method of distributing or transporting food or drink from one place to another, is a very important factor in public nutrition. Where it breaks down, famine, malnutrition or illness can occur for that transporters require FSSAI Food Transporters License


There are three main components for food transporters license:

Transport infrastructure, such as roads, vehicles, rail transport, airports, and ports.

Food handling technology and regulation, such as refrigeration, and storage, warehousing.

Adequate source and supply logistics, based on demand and need.

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The entire food transporters must have FSSAI License to ensure safe transportation practices and certification.   You need to follow all the safety guidelines for food transportation license. It helps to comply with all the rules and regulations given by FSSAI. It will help develop good hygiene practices in manufacturing premises.

Why do Transporters require FSSAI LICENSE?

Food transporters license is helps to create awareness among the consumers that their brand is safe for human consumption. Mandatory documentation is required for transport owners to continue the business activity. A standardized level of transporting is followed after GAP audit is conducted.


Is it Applicable to only to Transporters of food?

 No, it is applicable to all the people, who manufacture store, distribute food. It is also applicable to restaurants and street food vendors. It is applicable to all small, medium and large operators.

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